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The Relationship Survival Kit
Hypnosis CDs
Learn the communication skills you need to keep the fire and interest alive in a long term relationship. Set of 4 CDs
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Keep the fire alive in a long-term relationship!

Many people think they are fine – or even great -- at dating and sex, but somehow rarely make or keep a joyful, long-term relationship. Sooner or later, most of us long for an authentic, loving partnership. In this kit you will learn how to find a partner you can really build a good, supportive relationship with. You will learn the secrets of listening and communicating effectively to keep love, interest, and joy alive.

Being in relationship can be rich and rewarding, even though it is often challenging. Due to the variety and complexity of the reactive associations that we all carry within us, it is essential to practice mindfulness when we approach each other.

Negative associations can be triggered so rapidly in our interactions that one minute you might feel as though you're stepping into a delightful, refreshing stream with your partner, only to find that in the next minute you're about to plummet over Niagara Falls!

Hypnotherapy offers powerful means to develop mindfulness and to erase negative emotional triggers that cause us to be swept up in argument even when our best intention is to be loving and joyful. Erase those old patterns that have caused you problems in the past!

You can have a satisfying and energizing relationship using what you’ll learn in our Relationship Survival Kit.

Set of 4 Audios

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