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Test the Waters Certification Option I
Test the Waters Certification Option I
Phase I of Finding True Magic Distance Learning (Independent Study) program. Set of 15 Mp3 audios, plus a 90-min. Video (Mp4) with demonstrations by Jack Elias, CHT, all conveniently online and downloadable, plus a 1 hour tutorial with Jack! Recomended: purchase the textbook, Finding True Magic, here or at Amazon.

VIDEO - check it out!
Jack and his students describe Phase 1 of the FTM course.

AUDIO Sample
Listen to Jack teaching the course:
We're Already Hypnotized!

Our Price: $590.00

Product Code: TESTW1CERT


More Videos!
Jack describes all 6 Phases of the FTM Course on our YouTube Channel.

Test the Waters Certification Option 1 includes:
  • 15 Audios (Mp3s)
  • 1 (90-min.) Video (Mp4) with demonstrations by Jack Elias, CHT
  • 1 hour live tutorial with Jack
In addition, it is recommended you purchase the textbook, Finding True Magic, here or at Amazon.

These materials will help you determine whether the Distance Learning option is right for you.

In a matter of days you will learn:

* How to induce a hypnotic trance

* How to safely do quick inductions and self-hypnosis

* How to induce different levels of trance

* How to structure a hypnotic session

* How to construct powerful and effective suggestions to transform any area of your life: Relationships & Sexuality, Business, Sports, Or Academic Performance, to Eliminate Compulsions, Overcome Fears, & Addictions, Depression and Anxiety, Succeed at Weight Loss and Smoking . . . and More

* How to give yourself and others the ability to go into a deeply relaxed State whenever needed, in a matter of seconds

* How to make hypnosis audios for yourself and others

* How to guide someone into a relaxed state that many say is the most profound experience they have ever had!

Unbelievable? All this and more is possible because you receive word-for-word scripts in Finding True Magic, including full explanations about the nature and history of hypnosis and how to do it responsibly. Plus: the audios, recorded during live trainings, give you the opportunity to share in discussions, explanations and demonstrations of the scripted procedures, which you will then practice. As you see these procedures demonstrated on video, you'll be amazed at how simple it can be!

A wealth of inspiring knowledge:

15 Audios (over 15 hours of instruction and demonstration on CD)

(1) 90-min. DVD with demonstrations plus the book, FINDING TRUE MAGIC
(364 pages, the complete text for the entire training course)

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