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Living from the Heart Collection - Complete
Hypnosis CD Set
This life-changing set includes 5 audio seminars with Jack Elias, CHT. Set of 23 mp3s. Recorded live.
Our Price: $250.00

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We all want to be happy. We are told we are always trying our best. Why doesn't it work? How can we fix it? We unknowingly create our limitations and suffer from them. With the right insights and tools, we can free ourselves. This collection is packed with these powerful insights and effective techniques--all skillfully demonstrated with participants. Free yourself with this collection!

The Complete Living from the Heart Collection includes all 5 audio sets:

Set 1. Shame & the Addictive Personality
We are all addicted to ways of thinking that cause pain and confusion. Learn to recognize these enemies masquerading as friends! Learn to be the Telepathic Stranger who can end painful self-defeating behaviors quickly and easily. Free yourself to greet each day with joy and enthusiasm.

Set 2. Subpersonality Integration: Recovering Soul Fragments
To cope with the pain of growing up, we all become skilled self-hypnotists without realizing it. To stop the pain, we create self- hypnotically imposed trances called Subpersonalities or Soul Fragments. Learn to wake up each Soul Fragment from its trance of shame, numbed pain, and confusion (discussed in detail in Set 1). Learn to gather and heal the fragments of your broken heart in order to live a joyful, abundant life.

Set 3. Transpersonal Perspectives on Therapeutic Inquiry
Effective inquiry connects you with your authentic feelings and desires. Inquiry skills actually increase your intelligence and awareness. You experience your own Healing Creative Power. You learn to identify what you truly value, acting with clarity and courage to create joyfully. Eliminate shame and I integrate your Soul Fragments - a must for personal growth and professional competency.

Set 4. Developing True Heart Intuition & Self Integration
The Root of Genuine Success & Abundance There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Create an open channel to your True Intuitive Wisdom. Live the 'knowing' insights and strategies that free you from blind spots and "stuck" places. Move dynamically towards Abundant Living.

Set 5. Restore the Natural Healing Gesture: Stop Caretaking & Rescuing
Packed with powerful insights and effective techniques skillfully demonstrated with participants. Learn the true meaning of Compassionate Action. Recognize and release Limiting Beliefs that drive compulsive anxiety and well-intended but hurtful interference. Learn how to create healthy boundaries. Learn new ways of perceiving, interpreting and communicating that are relevant to all relationships, family dynamics and genuine care-giving.

Living from Your Heart audio sets may also be purchased individually at $50 per set.

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