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Stress Relief, Rejuvenation and Empowerment
Hypnosis Mp3
By erasing the deepest roots of the stress response, this audio teaches you to drain the stress from your body and mind. Mp3 download!
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Don’t just manage your stress – banish it!

Everywhere you look, it seems there is some new reason to get stressed out. Advertising urges us to be more attractive, smarter, better.

The news media cautions us against all kinds of dangers. The sheer amount of information, and the speed with which we receive it, presents

us with a constant stream of stressful situations.

But these situations are not the true source of our stress.

When we feel drained or “stressed” it is actually due to our reaction to a perceived challenge, not due to some inherent power that the situation

has to make us feel upset. Debilitating conditioned reactions such as high blood pressure, chronic anxiety, irritability and anger are embedded

in our subconscious mind.

The seeds from which these reactions sprout were planted long ago. For this reason, our stress reaction doesn’t respond to our conscious desire to change it.

Hypnosis enables your conscious mind to communicate its desires to be healthier and more relaxed, in a way that the subconscious mind will readily accept.

Stress loses its hold. Your conscious mind tells your subconscious to change your reactive and self-defeating stress responses to healthier, nurturing ones.

This audio teaches you to drain the stress from your body and mind. Simply by listening to this audio, you will learn how to “get out of your own way” so that the inner genius of your subconscious mind can rejuvenate you and give you greater creative intelligence to meet life's challenges.

This audio will help you eradicate the deepest roots of the stress response. You’ll find this audio helps you create new, healthy responses that are just as effortless, powerful and effective as your old, negative ones used to be!

Learn how to quickly and easily relieve stress – right on the spot – with the technique you’ll learn in this audio.

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