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The Art & Skill of Therapeutic Inquiry
The Art & Skill of Therapeutic Inquiry
In this 20-hour VIDEO program, recorded live with Jack Elias and participants, you’ll learn the ways in which your mind creates anxiety and suffering. You will learn how to retrain your mind to be your best friend, ready and willing to help you to create joy and success in your life and relationships. Mp4 Download
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Drawing on over 47 years of personal spiritual practice and 27 years of professional clinical practice, Jack Elias presents a unique synthesis of Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that you can use to gain quick solutions to any problem.

In this course you will be guided to rethink (quite possibly)
everything you have heard about therapy and hypnotherapy, while Jack’s creative teaching style and sense of humor makes it enlightening and fun.

A lively presentation and in-depth Q&A about meditation, hypnosis, NLP, and all manner of life's challenges! Jack gives detailed descriptions of subconscious mental structure and processes that lead us to create needless confusion and suffering.

Then he presents simple yet powerfully liberating insights that make it possible for you to end this suffering and confusion. You can easily release anxiety and low self-esteem and embrace your ability to joyfully express yourself with these insightful tools. You will find yourself able to create a joyful successful life at a whole new level.

Discover your tremendous capacity for transformation. With the right insights, you can unlock your own powerful ability to transform even the most difficult problem into a stepping stone to a richer life. This is what Jack calls Therapeutic Learning, and he will teach it to you in this course.

Have a great time learning to:

  • Short-circuit “egoic minding” to erase problem states
  • Take the right action to stop any problem on the spot
  • Understand the 5 Levels of Story -- how we structure our life experience
  • Unravel the 11 Types of Confusion that create unnecessary suffering
  • Quickly bypass resistance to change
  • Connect with your inherent creativity and confidence

The Transpersonal Approach / Philosophy
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP works to transform our mental pain and confusion into joy and freedom by putting us in touch with our essential being which is always already supremely intelligent and endlessly resourceful. Negative mental patterns (we all have them!) prevent us from seeing our inherent goodness, but we can remove these destructive tendencies by engaging in an artful process of creative inquiry.

Transpersonal therapeutic hypnosis interrupts our habitual clinging to negative problem states, allowing joyful intelligence to spontaneously shine through, bringing relief and inspiration. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP releases our habitual mental contraction, the nature of which is fear, into its natural expansiveness--a state of unconditional love that effortlessly manifests all things required for our greatest happiness.

“I came to Jack’s Level One 150-hour training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP with over 500 hours of hypnosis training and with a Practitioner-level certification in NLP. What I learned from Jack went beyond techniques. The greatest gift was discovering that being bound to “techniques” is the biggest Trance of all. Take a course with Jack Elias. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what you think you know.”
—Paul Skavland, CHT, Master NLP Practitioner

“Jack’s course transformed both my life and my career. If I am a good therapist today, it’s a direct result of [studying with Jack Elias]. I constantly refer to Finding True Magic, and am amazed at how much is there and how valuable it has been to me. Thank you, Jack!”
—Michael Gershman RN, BCH, Fmr. President, WA St. Chapter, NGH, Certified NGH Hypnotherapy Instructor

“Since 1979 I have worked in residential treatment centers, mental health centers, and private practicewith individuals, couples, groups and families. In all my experience, nothing has been as effective in promoting change in people’s lives as the hypnotherapy techniques I learned in [Jack Elias’ Finding True Magic] course.”
—Patricia Ann Williams, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

“Six years of university training in psychology, twenty years as a counselor, and countless years of
spiritual quest, culminating in the discovery of this course: a psychology firmly rooted in profound spiritual wisdom.”
—Jeannie M., MA, Psychologist

"East Meets West in True Magic. Finding True Magic is a remarkable textbook on Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Recommended for deep study."
– Ormand McGill, PhD., Dean of American Hypnotists

This 20 hour Mp4 Download set was recorded live in London, October 2014.

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